Fire Detection Security Solution

Fire Detection Video Monitoring System

Part I - System overview

Facility fires possess sudden and randomness and can cause heavy loss in short time,so once a fire occurs,fighting measures must be adopted at full speed.Whether the fighting is in time and the decision is appropriate will mainly depend on timely discovery and accuracy analysis.Traditional fire alarm system usually base on infrared sensor and smoke sensor,which means fire alarm signal will be sent out after signal processing,contrast and judgement through detecting smoke,temp. and light generated by fire.Ordinary smoke and heat fire detection alarm system can't rapidly collect fire smoke temperature change information, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of early detection and prediction of fire. Despite the rapid development of scientific world today, the human still has not been made great progress on subduing the fires.
Rely on its own advanced laser illumination and infrared thermal imaging night vision technology,combine with image acquisition, network transmission and display system, Foshvision develops fire prevention intelligent analysis system which can monitoring round the clock.The system is based on digital and network video monitoring.Compared with the general network video monitoring, it is a kind of  higher-end intelligent application. Fire intelligent analysis system can realize unattended continuous work, automatically do the analysis and judgement to the video image informations; Discover unusual smoke and fire timely, do the fire alarm and fire behavior analysis in the fastest and best way;Assist the firefighters handle fire crisis effectively, and the maximum to reduce false positives and omission phenomenons; At the same time also can see the scene real-time image, command and dispatch fire fighting directly according to visual images.

Part II - System composition

Fire prevention intelligent analysis system is consist of front-end device and back-end video management system.The front-end device is consist of infrared thermal imager+ fire alarm module+visible light camera+high precision intelligent pan-tilt+network transmission equipment,and mainly responsible for collection,analisis and alarm test of images.Back-end video management system is consist of central server+Video storage server+GIS management server+Alarm linkage server+Streaming media transmit server+Emergency command server+Intelligent power & fault management server+client monitoring software,and mainly responsible for equipment management,user management,video surveillance record, streaming media retransmission,fire behavior confirm and analysis,fire orientation,GIS map labeling,etc.

Part III - Function features of front-end device

■ Continuous thermal zoom tech,clear imaging,far detecting distance, can search the fire behavior on a large scale and observe the fire condition closely.
■ Special high temperature alarm detector,high sensitivity,the min. temp. resolution up to 50mK
■ Front-end alarm the high temp. digital derectly,professional fire alarm algorithm,higher efficiency and accuracy.
■ After alarm,the fire can be centered and amplified automatically for easy fire confirmation
■ Day & night type camera with low illumination and penetrating fog,which can match detail observation
■ Excellent auto focus technology,can realize  multiple focus methods and trigger modes
■ 3D locate function,choose for amplification and click for center both can be realized for the images in thermal imager and visible light,which can reduce difficulty in operation and improve usability of equipment.
■ Monitor screen area can be set up to reduce false alarm.
■ Universal shift speed pan-tilt,realize whole monitoring and high precision orientation
■ Professional shell design,beautiful,light and strong,high temp. resistant,anti-corrosion,waterproof and acid rain prevented

Part IV - Function features of software platform

Fire video management system is based on front-end monitoring equipment and video encoder,adopt C/S framework,through the network transmission link at interactive sector to send datas and informations to all kinds of server in service area.Clients in business area will manage and handle the monitoring service.