River&Harbor Security Solution

River&Harbor Security Solution

Scheme Overview

China covers a vast geographic area,with abundant water resources of rivers,reservoir,lakes and sea area. And water conservancy informatization,security and smooth of channel transportation, management of fishery and security operation of harbor all need modern monitoring facilities and means. 
Among the water conservancy informatization system,water conservancy department can pick up data by front-end video,measurement,remote sensing,geographic information system and GPS,transmit data to monitoring center through optical fiber,satellite and microwave,and realize the data display,storage,statistics and playback according to permission in monitoring center. Through all the above,it set up an informatization system covering the whole basin. Water conservancy video monitoring system is important component of water conservancy informatization as well as emphasis and highlight of the water conservancy system construction.
Foshvision company has developed channel intelligent monitoring system based on the advanced laser night vision camera,IR thermal imaging camera and intelligent tracking technology,which is used to monitor channel traffic,fishery management and harbor and can satisfy the requirement of large range of monitoring, around the clock working, damp proof,anti- corrosion and anti-lightning.   

System Composition

Channel intelligent monitoring system is composed of front-end device and back-end management system. The front-end device, which is composed of infrared thermal imaging camera,auto-tracking module,laser night vision and network transmission device,is mainly in charge of picking up image,intelligently tracking vessels and checking vessel number. The back-end monitoring and managing system,which is composed of central management server,video storage server,GIS management server,alarm linkage server,stream media transmission server and client monitoring controlling software,is mainly in charge of device management,users management,video monitoring videoing,stream media transmission and GIS map labeling,etc. Thermal imaging camera takes charge of detecting passing vessels and when detecting a passing vessel,the intelligent module will locate and track it. Then the laser night vision will automatically track the moving vessel, zoom in and observe the number,name and take photos for reference. Meanwhile,it also can realize forbidden sailing and parking of vessel, traffic statistics and perimeter intruder precaution.

System Features

■ Around the clock monitoring,unaffected by the rain,snow,fag and smoke.
■ Front-end realizing active recognition and intelligent tracking of vessel object,quicker and more efficient
■ Photographing and identification of vessel number and vessel name,statistics and analysis of vessel flow and density
■ Forbidden sailing and parking of vessels,alarm to inform of perimeter intruder
■ Real-time calibration of vessel position in electric map,record and analysis of sailing track